Our Mission:

Peak Thrift, a social enterprise of Urban Peak, helps youth experiencing homelessness and youth at risk of becoming homeless overcome real life challenges by providing essential job training and a supportive work environment.

Peak Thrift furthers the goals of youth receiving services through...


Peak Thrift employs youth who have experienced homelessness or are at risk of homelessness. Engagement with Peak Thrift provides youth associates with work experience, a paycheck to encourage self-sufficiency, a reference to help them on their way, and a safe place to gain retail experience and forge healthy work relationships. 

Providing clothing and household items for youth:

Youth receiving services from Urban Peak will receive vouchers to overcome the obstacles caused by homelessness. Whether a youth has just moved into his first apartment and needs a toaster OR just got her first job and needs black pants OR our shelter needs more pajamas, Peak Thrift can provide for those needs.


100​% of Peak Thrift's proceeds will be utilized by Urban Peak to maintain the invaluable services they offer Denver's youth experiencing homelessness.

Peak Thrift is dedicated to keeping as many items out of landfills as possible, therefore we are committed to finding ways ​to recycle the items we must turn away or repurpose items that would otherwise be thrown out.


While we greatly appreciate your donations, it is sometimes necessary to say “no thank you” to certain items that are non-recyclable or contain hazardous materials. Other times, the item must be refused because it would cost more to transport, repair, or refurbish than the item could be sold for in our stores. However, we are also big supporters of recycling and have partnered with local organizations who will take many of the items we must turn away. Please visit our Alternate Donations page for more information!


Often we receive items that are interesting or useful, but require some love and creativity. We sell these things at a very low price in our craft and DIY section. Please visit our Pinterest page for inspiration!