We are excited to be reopening on June 1st!

Please note the following policies we have in place:

  • Face coverings are required for all shoppers per Denver's Face Covering Public Health Order
  • Fitting rooms and customer bathrooms are closed
  • Donations are to be brought to the store's back door only, and we are strictly adhering to our donation capacity limit each day
  • If posted signs regarding safety protocols (physical distancing, face coverings) are not being adhered to, we will give ONE reminder to each shopper before asking them to leave
  • Any abusive or harassing behavior toward anyone, including ANY physical contact with store staff, will result in an immediate report to Denver Police Department and a lifetime ban from Peak Thrift. We understand this may seem harsh, but the safety of our staff and shoppers is our number one priority.

These are the safety measures we will have in place to help protect our shoppers, staff, and community:

  • For shoppers
    • 3-times daily cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces
    • Face coverings required for all shoppers (bandanas available for purchase if you forget yours!)
    • Disinfecting of register area between transactions, and of carts and baskets between customer uses
    • Designated entry and exit doors
    • Gloves and hand sanitizer available to shoppers at the store entrance
    • Store layout changes to allow for physical distancing among shoppers
    • Floor decals to allow for physical distancing while waiting in line
  • For staff
    • Gloves and face coverings provided and worn at all times
    • Daily symptom screenings and "stay home if ill" policy
    • Information on proper hand-washing and infection control measures
    • Expanded sick time and scheduling flexibility to maintain optimal staff health