Thank you for choosing Peak Thrift as your donation destination!

Donation Guidelines

(Updated 2/1/2021)

Your generosity is always appreciated. Please note that we have to reserve the right to decline donations.

We are a small operation with limited space, time, and human-power. We, like you, are trying to do the most good with what we have, and we thank you for understanding that we must use our resources as effectively and efficiently as we can.

If you have questions about whether we will accept all or part of your donation, please call us and we will be happy to chat with you about it!


New in original packaging

  • Adult-sized underwear (NOT diapers or adult diapers)
  • Unopened cleaning supplies
  • Unopened toiletries
  • Personal protective equipment & supplies

Gently used or new, clean, and functioning, with no staining, discoloration, rips, tears, holes, missing pieces/parts, 

  • Adult-sized clothing
  • Adult-sized accessories and shoes
  • Dishes, glassware, silverware, serving dishes, large utensils, and cookware
  • Small furniture pieces (end tables, small chairs, nightstands)
  • Small, non-fabric household decor, lamps, art, knick-knacks
  • Decorative fabric household goods (throw pillows, textile art, rugs)
  • Blankets and sleeping bags
  • Books
  • DVDs, CDs, vinyl records, and video games
  • Board games and puzzles with all pieces accounted for
  • Flat screen TVs and monitors with power cords

Please read the notes on this page regarding items we cannot accept, as are not able to accept some specific items that fall into the above categories.  


Due to various health & safety reasons, costs associated with disposal or recycling, or limited processing resources, we are not able to accept:

  • Any items that are dirty, broken, or in need of repair of any kind
  • Large furniture (couches, armchairs, dining tables, desks, dressers)
  • Cell phones, tablets, or computers
  • Stereo equipment (speakers, woofers/sub-woofers, amplifiers, receivers)
  • Non-decorative fabric-based household goods (pillows, cushions, sheets, towels) 
  • Used socks or underwear
  • Children's clothing, accessories, and shoes
  • Children's books and toys
  • Mattresses, box springs, bed frames, or headboards
  • Office supplies or school supplies
  • Large appliances (ovens, stoves, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers/dryers, etc.)
  • Anything that is designed to hold or carry a child (cribs, cradles, strollers, carseats, carriers, etc.)
  • Safety equipment (pads, helmets, hardhats, etc.)
  • Medical equipment (crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, braces, etc.)
  • CRT ("tube") TVs
  • Partially used or opened toiletries/hygiene supplies
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Food or other perishable items
  • Hangers
  • Anything that we are not able to test in-store, such as items with irregular-voltage power cords, inflatable items, tents, or anything gas-powered
  • Hazardous materials like paint, paint thinner, fuel, weapons/ammunition, chemicals, cleaners, or oil